Azienda Agricola Stra

Stra, the history of a family

Farmers and winemakers for 200 years

Who we are

Paolo. The new generation

Paolo never stops. He grew up in the family trade and is focused on preserving the love of his forefathers for the earth and its fruits, while developing the use of vital modern technology.



Roberto. The cheerful expert.

Roberto grew up here on the farm. He learnt from his father – Giovanni – and now teaches his son Paolo the secrets of vine cultivation and wine production. He works in the vineyards and cellars every day, infecting everyone who passes with his smile and his passion. His motto is "Each vine has its land, and knowing that land gives a fuller understanding of the wine that comes from it".

Maresa. Caring for guests.

Maresa is always kind and welcoming. She shares with her guests the joys of simple living, combined with a focus on quality and details.
With her relaxed manner, she immediately makes new guests feel like old friends.



Irma. The connection to the past.

Irma is the grandmother par excellence; impressive in the kitchen, kind and caring. She provides the link to the history of the family and our land, and is always happy to share stories and anecdotes.

Dino, Tobia, Leo and Roger. Our faithful friends.

Can a real farmhouse exist without dogs and cats? Here at Stra we have Dino, Tobia and Leo. Always together, they are the three dogs of the house. If you’re lucky you may even spy Roger, the ginger cat. He is more shy than his friends, but if you can catch him, he is always happy to be cuddled!


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